~Abbott, Edwin A. 

~Aczel, Amir D.
The Mystery of the Aleph: Mathematics, the Kabbalah, and the Search for Infinity

~Adams, Douglas
The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

~Albom, Mitch
Have a Little Faith
The Five People You Meet in Heaven (two copies?)
Tuesdays with Morrie

~Alcott, Louisa May
Little Women

~Aldiss, Brian
The Malacia Tapestry

~Allen, Tim
Don't Stand Too Close to a Naked Man

~Allen, Woody
Side Effects

~Alvarez, Walter
A Most Improbably Journey: A big history of our polanet and ourselves

~Amis, Kingsley
That Uncertain Feeling

~Amory, Cleveland
The Cat and the Curmudgeon

~Analog (Anthology)
War and Peace

~Anand, Valerie
King of the Wood

~Anderson, Poul
Harvest of Stars
Harvest the Fire
The Best of Poul Anderson
The Boat of a Million Years
The Fleet of Stars
The People of the Wind
Th Manifold Timee People of the Wind; The Day of their Return
The Shield of Time
The Stars are Also Fire
The Trouble Twisters
The Winter of the World
The Worlds of Poul Anderson
Twilight World

~Anthony, Mark
The Last Rune
    1. Beyond the Pale (ebook)
    2. The Keep of Fire (ebook)
    3.The Dark Remains (ebook)
    4. Blood of Mystery (ebook)
    5. The Gates of Winter  (ebook)  
    6. The First Stone (ebook)

~Anthony, Piers and Fuentes, Roberto
Dead Moan

~Anthony, Piers
Isle of Woman

~Appignanesi, Lisa
Paris Requiem
The Dead of Winter

~Archer, Jeffrey
A Matter of Honour
As the Crow Flies

~Arden, John
Serjeant Musgrave's Dance

~Arrabal, Fernando
The Tower Struck by Lightning

~Asimov, Isaac

R. Raneel Olivaw
The Caves of Steel
2. The Naked Sun
3. The Robots of Dawn
4,  Robots and Empire

1. Pebble in the Sky 
2. The Stars, Like Dust
3. The Currents The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley of Space 

I, Robot
The Rest of the Robots
1. Prelude to Foundation
2, Forward the Foundation
3, Foundation Trilogy (Foundation, Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation)
6. Foundation's Edge
7. Foundation and Earth

Second Foundation Trilogy by Benford, Brin, Bear
1. Foundation's Fear (Benford)  follows Forward the Foundation in time The River of Adventure
2. Foundation and Chaos (Bear)
3. Foundation's Triumph (Brin)

Other stories:
A whiff of Death
Asimov's Mysteries
Casebook of the Black Widowers
The Edge of Tomorrow
Fantastic Voyage II: Desination Brain
Life and Energy
Mortelle est la nuit
Nine Tomorrows
Science Fiction Masterpieces
Space Mail
Still More Lecherous Limericks
The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories
The End of Eternity
The Gods Themselves Français
The Hugo Winners Vol. 1
The Winds of Change and Other Stories
Thirteen Short Fantasy Novels

I, Asimov

~Atwood, Margaret The River of Adventure
Alias Grace
Lady Oracle
The Handmaid's Tale

~Aujdeguy, Stéphane
La théorie des nuages

~Auel, Jean M.
The Clan of the Cave Bear
The Mammoth Hunters
The Plains of Passage
The Valley of the Horses


~Babylon 5: 
Cavelos Jeanne
The Passing of the Techno-Mages: Casting Shadows (1)
The Passing of the Techno-Mages: Invoking Darkness (3)
The Passing of the Techno-Mages: Summoning Light (2)
Drennan, Kathryn M.
To Dream in The City of Sorrows
Keyes, J. Gregory
Dark Genesis - The birth of the PSI Corps
Deadly Relations: Bester Ascendant
Final Reckoning: The Fate of Bester
Tilton, Lois
Accusations: Book 2 Babylon 5 
Vornholt, John:
Voices: Book 1 Babylon 5

~Baggini, Julian
The Pig that Wants to be Eaten

~Bailey, F. Lee
For the Defense
The Defense Never Rests

~Baldacci, David
Camel Club:
1. Camel Club
2. The Collectors
3. Stone Cold
4. Divine Justice 
5.  Hell's Corner 

John Puller:
1. Zero Day
2. The Forgotten (ebook)
3. The Escape (ebook)
4. No Man's Land (ebook)

King & Maxwell:
1. Split Second
2. Hour Game
3. Simple Genius (paperback and e book)   
4. First Family 
5. The Sixth Man    
6. King & Maxwell (ebook)

Shaw & Katie James:
1. The Whole Truth (eBook)
2. Deliver us from Evil (Ebook)

Will Robie: The River of Adventure
1. The Innocent (ebook)
2. The Hit (ebook)
2.5 The Bullseye (ebook short story)
3.  The Target (ebook)
4. The Guilty (ebook)
5. End Game (ebook)

Amos Decker
1. Memory Man (ebook)
2. The Last Mile (ebook)
3. The Fix (ebook)
4. The Fallen (ebook)
5. Redemption (ebook)
The Whole Truth (ebook)
Total Control
True Blue
Wish You Well (eBook)
Zero Day (ebook)

~Ball, Philip
Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads to Another

~Banks, Russell
The Sweet Hereafter

~Banville, John
The Sea

~Barbery Muriel
L'Élégance du Hérisson

~Barnes, Seven
Lion's Blood

~Barrie, J.M
Peter Pan

~Barrow, John D.
Impossibility: The limits of Science and the Science of Limits

~Baudino, Gael
1. Dragonsword
2. Duel of Dragons

Strands of Sarlight:
1. Strands of Starlight
3. Maze of Moonlight
4. Shroud of Shadow
5. Strands of Sunlight
1, O Greenest Branch 

Baxter, Stephen
Time's Tapestry:
1. Emperor:

1, Time

NASA Trilogy:
3. Moonseed

5. Vaccuum Dreams


~Beagle, Peter S.
The Folk of the Air
The Innkeeper's Song
The Last Unicorn

~Bear, Greg
Darwin's Radio:    
Darwin's Radio (paperback & ebook)
 2. Darwin's Children (ebook)


Forge of God:
 1. The Forge of God 
 2. Anvil of Stars 

1. Quantico (ebook)
2. Mariposa (ebook)

Queen of Angels:
1. Queen of Angels  
3. Moving Mars
 4.  / Slant  

Songs of Earth & Power:
1. The Infinity Concerto  
The Serpent Mage 

 Beyond Heaven's River
Dinosaur Summer
Foundation and Chaos
Psychlone (two copies)
Strength of Stones (twice)

~Beaton, M.C.
Edwardian Murder Mysteries
1. Snobbery with Violence (ebook)
2. Hasty Death  (ebook)
3. Sick of Shadows (ebook)
4. Our Lady of Pain 
~Beauchemin, Yves
The Alley Cat

~ de Beauvoir, Simone
La femme rompue

~Beckett, Samuel
Waiting for God

~Behrens, Peter
The Law of Dreams

Grand  Canyon River Guide

~Bell, Claire
People of the Sky

~Bell, Madison Smartt
Doctor Sleep

~Bellow, Saul

~Benchley, Peter
The Girl of the Sea of Cortez

~Benford, Gregory
The Galactic Centre Series
1. In the Ocean of Nigh
2. Across the Sea of Suns
3. Great Sky River
4. Tides of Light
5. Furious Gulf
Sailing Bright Eternity (ebook)

Martian Race:
1. The Martian Race
The Sunborn

Foundation's Fear
Shiva Descending
The Stars in Shroud

~Benford, Gregory & Larry Niven
Bowl of Heaven

~Berger, Thomas
Changing The Past

Beigbeder, Frédéric

Un roman français

~Berendt, John
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (ebook)

~Bernikow, Louise
Among Women

~Berry, Steve
Cotton Malone:
    1. The Templar Legacy  (hard and ebook)
    2. The Alexandria Link  (hard and ebook)
    3. The Venetian Betrayal (hard and ebook)
    4. The Charlemagne Pursuit (hard and ebook)
    5. The Paris Vendetta (hard and ebook)
    6. The Emperor's Tomb (ebook)
    7. The Jefferson Key (Ebook)
    7.5 The Tudor Plot (ebook)
    8. The King's Deception (ebook)
    9. The Lincoln Myth (ebook)
   10. The Patriot Threat (ebook)
    11. The 14th Colony (ebook)
    12. The Lost Order (ebook)
    13. The Bishop's Pawn (ebook)
    14. The Malta Exchange (ebook)

Three Tales from the World of Cotton Malone: Balkan Escape, The Devil's Gold and  The Admeral's Mark (ebook

The Devil's Due (Cotton Malone) (ebook)

The Amber Room 
The Columbus Affair (Ebook)
The Romanov Prophecy 
The Third Secret  (ebook)

~Berton, Pierre
My Country: The Remarkable Past

~Binchy, Maeve
Circle of Friends
Light a Penny Candle(hard and ebook)

~Bingham, Charlotte
The Moon at Midnight

~Bishop, Michael
A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire
Ancient of Days
Catacomb Years
The Best From Galaxy Vol IV
Unicorn Mountain

~Blish, James
Cities in Flight:
1. They Shall Have Stars
2. A Life for the Stars
3. Earthman, Come Home
4. The Triumph of Time
Omnibus: Cities in Flight

After Such Knowledge:
1. A Case of Consciencee

Haertel Scholium The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley
4 Midsummer Century

The Testament of Andros 

~Blunt, Giles
John Cardinal
1/ Forty Words for Sorrow (ebook)
2. The Delicate Storm (ebook)
3. Black Fly Season (ebook)

~Blyton, Enid
1. The Island of Adventure
2. The Castle of Adventure 
3. The Valley of Adventure
4. The Sea of Adventure
5. The Mountain of Adventure
6. The Ship of Adventure
7. The Circus of Adventure
8. The River of Adventure

Secret Seven:
4. Secret Seven on the Trail
5.-15Mary-Ellen Kelm

7. The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat

~Bolduc, Mario
Max O'Brien
1. The Kashmiri Trap (ebook)

~Boulton, Marsha
Just Another Minute: More Glimpses of our Great Canadian Heritage

~Booth, George
Rehearsal's Off!

~Bova, Ben
Asteroid Wars:
1. The Precipice
The Rock Rats

Ben Bova's Grand Tour of the Universe
1. Mars (and ebook)
2. Empire of Builders (ebook)
3. Return to Mars (ebook)
4. Venus (and ebook)
5. Jupiter (and ebook)
6. Saturn (ebook)
7. Tales of the Grand Tour (ebook)
8. Mercury (ebook)

1-3 The Exiles Trilogy (Exiled from Earth; Flight of Exiles; End of Exile)
1-2 The Kinsman Saga (Kinsman; Millenium)

1. Moonrise
2. Moonwar

2. Vengeance of Orion

To Save the Sun
1. To Save the Sun

1. Voyagers
2. The Alien Within
3. Star Brothers
4. The Return 

1-3 The Watchmen Omnibus (The Star Conquerors, Star Watchmen, The Dueling Machine)

Escape Plus
Test of Fire
The Immortality Factor
The Starcrossed
The Trikon Deception
The Winds of Altair

~Boyd, William
On the Yankee Station (Anthology)

~Boyer, Elizabeth H.
Keepr of Cats

~Boyett, Steven R.
The Architect of Sleep

~Boyle, T. Coraghessan
If the River was Whiskey

~Brackett, Leigh
The Long Tomorrow

~Bradley, Alan et al
A Study in Sherlock (ebook)

~Bradbury, Ray
Fahrenheit 451
I Sing the Body Electric!
Long Aftr Midnight
The Day It Rained Forever
The Illustrated Man

~Bradford, Barbara Taylor
A Sudden Change of Heart
A Woman of Substance
The Women in His Life
Where You Belong

~Bradley, Alan
Flavia de Luce
1. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie 
2. The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag 

~Bradley, Marion Zimmer
0. The Fall of Atlantis (ebook omnibus; hard copy are Web of Light & Web of Darkness)
1. Ancestors of Avalon (Diana L. Paxson) Ebook)
2. Sword of Avalon (Diana L Paxson) ebook
3.Ravens of Avalon (Diana L. Paxson)  ebook
4. The Forest House  (with Diana L Paxson)
5.Lady of Avalon (with Diana L Paxson) Ancestors of Avalon (Diana L. Paxson)
6.  Priestess of Avalon (with Diana L. Paxson (hard copy and ecopy)
7. The Mists of Avalon 

1. Darkover Landfall
2. Stormqueen!
2.a  The Fall of Neskaya (with Deborah J. Ross)
2.b Zandru's Forge
2.c Thunderlord (Deborah J. Ross)

6. Hawkmistress!
6. A Flame in Hali
7. Two to Conquer 
8. The Heirs of Hammerfell
10. The Shattered Chain
11. The Spell Sword
12. The Forbidden Tower
13. Thendara House
14. City of Sorcery
15. Star of Danger
16. The Winds of Darkover
16a Oath Breaker
17. The Bloody Sun
18. The Heritage of Hastur
19/20 The Planet Savers & The Sword of Aldones
20 Rediscovery
21. Sharra's Exile  (replaces The Sword of Aldones)
22. The World Wreckers
23. Hastor Lord (with Deborah J. Ross)
24. Exile's Song  (with Adrienne Martine-Barnes)
25. Shadow Matrix (with Adrienne Martine-Barnes)
26. Traitor's Sun (ebook and hard cover)
27. The Alton Gift (with Deborah Ross) (and ebook)
28. Children of Kings (Deborah Ross) ebook)

Sword of Chaos (e short story)  Sain Scarp; Delleray bandit take over - don't remember where it fits in ficton

Darkover Omnibus:
*The Saga of the Renunciates owned as singles (the Shatered Chan, Thendara House and City of Sorcery)
*Darkover First Contact:  owned  as singles Darkover Landfall and Two to Conquer
*To Save a World owned as singles World Wreckers  Planet Savers but do not own The Waterfall

1. The Keeper's Price
2. Sword of Chaos
3. Free Amazons of Darkover
4. The Other Side of the Mirror
5. Red Sun of Darkover
6. Four Moons of Darkover
7. Domains of Darkover 
8. Renunciats of Darkover
9. Leroni of Darkover
10.  Towers of Darkover
11. Snows of Darkover

Black Trillium  (with Julain May and Andrew Norton)

Claire Moffat
1. Dark Satanic
The Inheritor
3. Witch Hill

Web of Light
1. Web of Light
2. Web of Darkness

1. Ghostlight
2. Witch Light
3. Gravelight
4. Heartlight 

2. The Survivors

Other works:
Endless Voyage
Night's Daughter
Seven from the Stars
Spells of Wonder
The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley
The Brass Dragon
The Door Through Space
The House Between the Worlds
The Ruins of Isis
Warrior Woman

Sword and Sorceress
Sword and Sorceress 1
Sword and Sorceress 2
Sword and Sorceress 3
Sword and Sorceress 5
Sword and Sorceress 6
Sword and Sorceress 16
 ~Bradley, Sculley
The American Tradition in Literature (Fourth Edition)

~Brin, David
2. Startide Rising
3. The Uplift War
4. Brightness Reef
5. Infinity's Shore
6. Heaven's Reach
Gorilla, My Dreams  (ebook) unknown placement in series

1. Kiln People

Existence (and ebook)
Foundation's Triumph
Glory Season 
The Postman
The Practice Effect

The River of Time 

 Stones of Significance (ebook shortstory)
The Loom of Thessaly (ebook shortstory)

~Briskin, Jacqueline
The Onyx

Broadbent, Tony
    1.  The Smoke (ebook)
    2. Spectors in the Smoke (ebook)
    3. Shadows in the Smoke (ebook)

~Bronte, Emily
Wuthering Heights

~Brooks, Geraldine
March (a story of the father of the "Little Women" of Louisa May Alcott
People of the Book

~Brown, Dan
Angels and Demons
The DaVinci Code
The Lost Symbol

~Brown, Frederic
Pradox Lost
The Lights in The Sky Are Stars

~Brown, Sandra
The Switch

~Browne, Gerald A.
Stone 588

~Brunner, John
Entry to Elsewhen
The Shockwave Rider

~Buckley, Christopher
Steaming to Bamboola:  The World of a Tramp Freighter

~Bunyan, John
The Pilgrim's Progress

~Burgess, Anthony
The Devil's Mode
The End of the World News
The Kingdom of the Wicked

~Burgess, Thornton
The Big Thrnton Burgess Story Book

~Burnett, David
Longleat: The Story of an English Country House

~Burnett, Frances Hodgson
A Little Princess
The Secret Garden (two copies)

~Butcher, Jim
Codex Alera
    1: Furies of Calderon
    2: Academ's Fury
    3: Cursor's Fury
    4:  Captain's Fury
    5:  Princeps' Fury
    6:  First Lord's Fury

The Dresden Files
    1:  Storm Front (hard copy and ebook)
    2: Fool Moon (hard copy and ebook)
    3: Grave Peril (Ebook)
    4: Summer Knight (hard copy and ebook)
    5: Death Masks (ebook)
    6: Blood Rites (Ebook)
    7-12:  Collection (ebook)
    13 Ghost Story (ebook)
    14. Cold Days (ebook)
    15. Skin Game (ebook)
    Side Jobs Stories from the Dresden Files (ebook)
    Brief Cases Stories from the Dresden Files (ebook)

The Cinder Spires
    1.  The Aeronaut's Windlass

Shadowed Souls (ebook) with Kerrie L. Hughes

~Bury, Stephen (AKA Stephenson, Neal et al.)
The Cobweb

~Busby F.M.
The Breeds of Man

~Butler, Octavia E.
    Adulthood Rites 2    
    Litith's Brood (Dawn, Adulthood Rites, Imago)
Fledgling (Ebook)
    Parable of the Sower 1
    Parable of the Talents 2
    Seed to Harvest (Wild Seed, Mind of my Mind, Clay's Ark, Patternmaster)
Blood Child: And Other Stories

~Byron, Lord (George Gordon)
Selected Poetry of Lord Byron

(hard and ebook)


~Caldwell, Ian & Dustin Thomason
The Rule of Four

~Campbell, Robert

~Camus, Albert
The Outsider

~Capote, Truman
In Cold Blood

~Card, Orson Scott
Alvin Maker:
1. Seventh Son
2. Red Prophet
3. Prentice Alvin
4. Alvin Journeyman
5. Heartfire
6. The Crystal City

    Empire: (2 copies; hard and paper cover)

Ender Wiggin:
1. Ender's Game
2. Speaker for the Dead
3. Xenocide
4. Children of the Mind
5. A War of Gifts: An Ender Story
6. Ender in Exile
 First Meetings in the Enderverse    
Shadow Saga:
1. Ender's Shadow 
2/Shadow of the Hegemon
3. Shadow Puppets
Shadow of the Giant
Shadows in Flight

1. The Memory of Earth
2. The Call of Earth
3. The Ships of Earth
4. Earthfall
5. Earthborn 

Mither Mages
    1: The Lost Gate (ebook X2)
    2. The Gate Thief
    3. Gatefather (ebook)

    1. Pathfinder

Women of Genesis:
1. Sarah
Rachel & Leah 

Worthing Saga

Invasive Procedures
Lost Boys
Magic Street
Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus
The Abyss
The Folk of the Fringe
The Songmaster
Treasure Box

Carr, Caleb
Laszlo Kreizler and John Schuyler Moore
The Alienest (ebook)
The Angel of Darkness (ebook)


Killing Time (ebook and possibly hard copy?)
Surrender, New York (ebook)

Carrère, Emmanuel
La moustache

~Carroll, Lewis
Alice in Wonderland
Through the Looking Glass

~Carter, Lin
Jandar of Callisto
Jandar of Callisto

~ Carter, Stephen L.
The Emperor of Ocean Park

~Carver, Jeffrey A.
Star Rigger:   
    Dragons in the Stars 4
    Dragon Space:  A Star Rigger Ominbus ( Dragons in the Stars & Dragon Rigger) (e-book)
The Chaos Chronicles (ebook)
The Infinity Link
The Rapture Effect

~Case, John
The Genesis Code

~Cassutt, Michael
Missing Man

~CBC Radio
Write Across Canada: Mapping the Country in 19 Chapters

~Chabon, Michael
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
the Final Solution: A Story of Detection

~Chalker, Jack L.
The Red Tape War

~Chandler, A. Bertram
Spartan Planet

~Chandler, Raymond
The Big Sleep

~Charnas, Suzy McKee
1. Walk to the End of the World
2. Motherlines
3.The Furies
4. The Conqueror's Child 

Sorcery Hall
1. The Bronze King

~Charrette, Robert N.
Shadow Run

~Charteris, Leslie
The Saint: Five Complete Novels

~Chevalier, Tracy
Burning Bright
Falling Angels
The Virgin Blue

~Cherryh, C.J.

~Chew, Ruth
The Wednesday Witch

~Child, Julia with Alex Prud'homme
My Life in France

~Child, Lee
    0. Second Son: (prequel to Jack Reacher stories) (ebook)   
    1. Killing Floor 
    2. Die Trying 
    3. Trip Wire 
    4. Running Blind
    6, Without Fail (ebook)
    7. Persuader (Ebook)
    8. The Enemy 8 (ebook)
    9. One Shot (Ebook)
    10. The Hard Way (Ebook)
    11.  Bad Luck and Trouble (Ebook)
    12. Nothing to Lose (Ebook)
    13. Gone Tomorrow (ebook)
    14. 61 Hours (Ebook)
    15. Worth Dieing For  (Ebook)
    16. The Affair (Ebook)
    16.5 Deep Down (ebook)
    17. A Wanted Man (ebook)
    17.5 High Heat (ebook)
    18. Never Go Back  (ebook)
    19. Personal (ebook)
    19.5 Small Wars (ebook)
    20. Make Me (ebook)
    21.  Night School (ebook)
    22. The Midnight Line (ebook)
    22.5 The Christmas Scorpion (ebook)
    23. Past Tense (ebook)

with  Joseph Finder "Good and Valuable Consideration" (ebook) short story collaboration of 'Jack Reacher ' and "Nick Heller"

High Heat (ebook)
Not a Drill (ebook)

~Child Study Association of America
Read Me Another Story

~Clancy, Tom
Acts of War
Clear and Present Danger
Patriot Games
Red Storm Rising
The Cardinal of the Kremlin
The Hunt for Red October
The Sum of All Fears
Without Remorse

~Clark, Mary Higgins
Weep No More, My Lady

~Clarke, Arthur C.
2010: Odyssey Two
2061: Odyssey Three
A Fall of Moondust
A Time Odyssey: First Born 3
A Time Odyssey: Sun Storm 1
A Time Odyssey: Time's Eye  2
Against the FAll of Night
Beyond the Fall of Night
Childhood's End
Expedition to Earth
Imperial Earth
Prelude to Space
Rama: Rama II
Rama: The Gardan of Rama
Sun Storm:  book two of A Time Odyssey
The Fountains of Paradise
The Hammer of God
The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume 3 Nebula Winners 1965-1969
The Songs of Distant Earth

~Clarke, Athur C. & Frederik Pohl
The Last Theorem

~Clarke, Stephen
A Year in the Merde
Merde Actually

~Clavell, James
King Rat
Noble House

~Coe, David B.
Lon Tobyn Chronicle: Children of Amarid

La Vagabonde

~Collins, Suzanne
Hunger Games (French edition)

~ la Companie de Jésus
Lettres édifiantes et curieuses

~Coney, Michael
Friends Come in Boxes

~Connelly, Joe
Bringing out the Dead

~Cousture, Arlette
2.Ces enfants d'ailleurs

~Conrad, Joseph
The Secret Agent

~Cook, Robin

~Cookson, Catherine
The Mallen Lot

~Cope, Gordon
A Paris Moment

~Coplin, Keith
Crofton's Fire

~Cormier, Robert

~Cornwell, Patricia
Black Notice
Cause of Death
Cruel and Unusual
Portrait of a Killer: Jack The Ripper Case Closed
Southern Cross
The Body Farm
Unnatural Exposure

~Corrigan, Robert W.
Masterpieces of the Modern Irish Theatre

~Cousture, Arlette
Ces Enfants D"Alilleurs

~Costain, Thomas B
High Towers
Ride with Me
The Black Rose
The Silver Chalice
The White and the Gold

Coughlin, William J.
The Heart of Justice

~Coupland, Douglas

~Crandall, Melissa
Quantum Leap: Search and Rescue

~Crichton, Michael
A Case of Need
Five Pateints
Rising Sun
The Andromeda Strain

~Crispin, A.C.
    1. Starbridge (ebook)
    2. Silent Dances 
    3. Shadow World
    4.Serpent's Gift  
    5. Silent Songs (ebook)

~Cumming, Primrose
Silver Snaffles

~Cunningham, Michael
The Hours

~Cussler, Clive
Raise the Titanic!
Shock Wave
The Spy

~Czerneda, Julie E.
The Clan Chronicles: Stratification
1. Reap the Wild Wind (and ebook)
2. Riders of the Storm (and ebook)
3. Rift in the Sky (and ebook)

The Trade Pact Universe
1. A Thousand Words for Stranger (and ebook)
2. Ties of Power (and ebook)
3. To Trade the Stars (and ebook)

Web Shifters
1.  Beholder's Eye (and ebook)
2. Changing Vision (and ebook)
3. Hidden in Sight (and ebook)
The Only Thing to Fear (ebook)

Web Shifter's Library
1. Search Image (ebook)

Species Imperative:
1. Survival(and ebook)
2. Migration (and ebook)
3. Regeneration (and ebook)

1. This Gulf of Time and Stars (ebook)
2. The Gate to Future Past (ebook)
3. To Guard Against the Dark (ebook)

Night's Edge
2. A Play of Shadow (ebook)