~Palin, Michael
Hemingway's Chair

~Palliser, Charles
The Quincunx
The Unburied

~Palmer, Parker J
On the Brink of Everything (ebook)

~Pamuk, Orhan

~Panshin, Alexi
Farewell to Yesterday's Tomorrow
Rite of Passage

~Paretsky, Sara
Guardian Angel

~Pargeter, Edith (a.k.a. Peters, Ellis)
Most Loving Mere Folly
The Green Branch
The Heaven Tree
The Scarlet Seed

~Parker, Robert B.
1. The Godwulf Manuscript
2, God Save The Child
3. Mortal Stakes
4. Promised Land
5. The Judas Goat
6. Looking For Rachel Wallace
7. Early Autumn
8. A Savage Place
9. Ceremony
10. The Widening Gyre
11. Valediction
12. A Catskill Eagle
13. Taming A Seahorse
14. Pale Kings and Princesses
15. Crimson Joy
16. Playmates
17. Stardust
18. Pastime
19. Double Deuce
20. Paper Doll
21. Walking Shadow
22. Thin Air
23. Chance
24. Small Vices
25. Sudden Mischief
26. Hush Money
27. Hugger Mugger 
28. Potshot
Widow's Walk
30. Back Story
Bad Business
Cold Service
33.  School Days (ebook)
34. Hundred Dollar Baby AKA Dream Girl
36. Rough Weather
38. The Professional
Jesse Stone
1, Night Passage
2. Trouble in Paradise
4. Stone Cold
Sea Change
6. High Profile
7. Stranger in Paradise
Night and Day
9. Split Image
10. Killing the Blues (ebook by Michael Brandman)

Sunny Randall
1. Family Honor
2. Perish Twice
3. Shrink Rap
Melancholy Baby
6.  Spare Change

All Our Yesterdays
Love and Glory

Philip Marlow
Perchance to Dream

La Femme Perdue

Parker, T. Jefferson
Cold Pursuit

~Patterson, James
Along Came A Spider
Cradle and All
Souffle le vent

~Paxson, Diana L.
Ancestors of Avalon

~Peale, Cynthia
The Cool War 
A Beacon Hill Mystery
1. The Death of Colonel Mann
Murder at Bertram's Bowe
The White Crow 

~Peck, M. Scott
A Bed by the Window
A World Waiting to be Born
Denial of the Soul
In Heaven as on Earth
In Search of Stones
People of the Lie
The Different Drum
The Road Less Travelled and Beyond

~ Penman, Sharon Kay
Welsh Princes
1. Here be Dragons
2. Falls the Shadow
3. The Reckoning

Justin de Quincey

1. The Queen's Man
2. Cruel as the Grave
3. Dragon's Lair
4. Prince of Darkness

Eleanor of Acquitaine:
1 When Christ and His Saints Slept
2. Time and Chance 

~Penny, Louise
Chief Inspector Gamache:
1. Still Life 
2. Dead Cold 
3. The Cruelest Month 
4. The Murder Stone 
5. The Brutal Telling 
6. Bury your Dead 
6.5 The Hangman ebook
7. A Trick of the Light 
8. The Beautiful Mystery 
9. How the Light gets In  (ebook)
10. The Long Way Home
11. The Nature of the Beast (ebook)
12. A Great Reckoning (ebook)
13. Glass Houses (ebook)
14. Kingdom of the Blind (ebook)

~Pepin, Jacques
The Apprentice: My Life in the Kitchen

~Pepper Andrew
Pyke Mystery:|
1. The Last Days of Newgate 

~Perez-Reverte, Arturo
L'Or du Roi
The Flanders Panel
The Fencing Master

~Perry, Anne
1. A Christmas Journey & 2.  A Christmas Visitor

Charlotte and Thomas Pitt
1. Cater Street Hangman 
2. Callender Square
3.  Paragon Walk 
4. Resurrection Row 
5. Bluegate Fields
6. Rutland Place 
7. Death in the Devil's Acre
8. Cardington Crescent 
9. Silence in Hanover Close
10. Bethlehem Road 
11. Highgate Rise
12. Belgrave Square  
13. Farriers' Lane 
14. The Hyde Park Headsman
15. Traitor's Gate 
16. Pentecost Alley
17. Ashworth Hall 
18. Brunswick Gardens 
19. Bedford Square 
20. Half Moon Street 
21. The Whitechapel Conspiracy 
22. Southampton Row 
23. Seven Dials 
24. Long Spoon Lane 
25. Buckingham Palace Gardens
27. Dorchester Terrace
28. Midnight at Marble Arch
29. Death on Blackheath (ebook)
30. The Angel Court Affair (ebook)
31. Treacher at Lancaster Gate (ebook)
32. Murder on the Serpentine (ebook)

William Monk:
1. The Face of A Stranger (2 copies) 
2. A Dangerous Mourning 
3. Defend and Betray 
4. A Sudden, Fearful Death 
5. The Sins of the Wolf 
6. Cain His Brother
7. Weighed in the Balance  
8. The Silent Cry 
9. A Breach of Promise 
10. The Twisted Root 
11. Slaves of Obsession 
12. Funeral in Blue 
13. Death of a Stranger 
14. The Shifting Tide 
15. Dark Assassin 
16. Execution Dock 
17. Acceptable Loss (Ebook)
18. A Sunless Sea (Ebook)
19. Blind Justice (Ebook)
20 Blood on the Water (Ebook)
21. Corridors of the Night (ebook)
22. Revenge in a Cold River (ebook)
23. An Echo of Murder (ebook)

1. No Graves as Yet 1914
Shoulder the Sky 1915
3. Angels in the Gloom 1916
4. At Some Disputed Barricade 1917
5. We Shall Not Sleep 1918

~ Perry, Owen
Rebels of Babyon

~Perry, S.D.
Unity ( a Star Trek Deep Space Nine  story)

~Peters, Elizabeth
Amelia Peabody
1 Crocodile on the Sandbank
2. The Curse of the Pharoahs
3.The Mummy Case(ebook) 
4. Lion in the Valley 2. The Curse of the Pharoahs 2
5. The Deeds of the Disturber

Jacqueline Kirby:
2. The Murders of Richard III
3. Die for Love 
4. Naked Once More 

Vicky Bliss:
1. Borrower of the Night 
2. Street of the Five Moons 
3, Silhouette in Scarlet 
4. Trojan Gold 

Summer of the Dragon
The Camelot Caper
The Copenhagen Connection
The Jackal's Head
The Love Talker
The Night of Four Hundred Rabbits

~Peters, Ellis
The Cool War 
1.A Morbid Taste for Bones in The First Cadfael Omnibus
2. One Corpse Too Many in The First Cadfael Omnibus
3. Monk's-hood in The First Cadfael Omnibus
4.  Saint Peter's Fair The Second Cadfael Omnibus
5. The Leper of St. Giles  The Second Cadfael Omnibus
6.  The Virgin in the Ice The Second Cadfael Omnibus
7. The Sanctuary Sparrow
8. The Devil's Novice
9. Dead Man's Ransom
10. The Pilgrim of Hate in The Fourth Cadfael Omnibus:
11. An Excellent Mystery in The Fourth Cadfael Omnibus
12. The Raven in the Foregate. in The Fourth Cadfael Omnibus
13. The Rose Rent 
14. The Hermit of Eyton Forest
15. The Confession of Brother Haluin
16. The Heretic's Apprentice
17. The Potter's Field
18. The Summer of the Danes
19. The Holy Thief
20. Brother Cadfael's Penance

1, Fallen Into the Pit
2. Death and the Joyful Woman
3. Flight of a Witch
4. A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs
5. The Piper on the Mountain
6. Black is the Colour of My True-Loves Heart
7. The Grass Widow's Tale
9. Mourning Raga
10. The Knocker on Death's Door
11. Death to the Landlords
12. City of Gold and Shadows
13. Rainbow's End

Death Mask
Holiday With Violence
Never Pick Up Hitch-Hikers

A Rare Benedictine

As Edith Pargeter
The Horn of Roland
The Will and the Deed

~Petroski, Henry
The Cool War 
The Essential Engineer: Why Science Alone willnot Solve our Global Problems
Small Things Consider: Why There is No Perfect Design

~Pickles, Sheila (editor)
A Victorian Posy

~Pickover, Clifford
The Mobius Strip
Wonder of Numberse

~Pilcher, Rosamunde
Another View
Coming Home
Flowers in the Rain
The End of Summer

~Pirsig, Robert M.
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

~Plain, Belva
The Carousel

~Poe, Edgar Allen

~ Pogue, Carolyn

~Pohl, Frederick & Kornbluth, Cyril M.
Before the Universe
The Space Merchants

~Pohl, Frederick & Williamson, Jack
Land's End
The Singers of Time
The Starchild Trilogy

~Pohl, Frederick
1. Gateway
2. Beyond the Blue Event Horizon
3. Heechee Rendezvous
4. The Annals of the Heechee

1.The Other End of Time

Man Plus
The Cool War
The Years of the City
Black Star Rising


Alternating Currents

~Polo, Marco
The Travels

~Porter, Katherine Anne
Ship of Fools

~Potter, Beatrix
The Tailor of Gloucester
The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies
The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher

~Poulin, Jacques
Chat Sauvage
Volkswagen Blues  English and French copies

~Pournelle, Jerry
Falkenberg's Legion
1.Prince of Mercenaries
2.Falkenberg's Legion
3, Go Tell the Spartans
Laurie Jo Hansen:
1. High Justice

1. King David's Spaceship  AKA A spaceship for the King

~Prendergast, R.L.
The Impact of a Single Event

~Prescott, Marc
Fort Mac

~Preston, Douglas & Child, Lincoln

~Primeau, Marguerite

~Proulx, Monique

~Proulx, E. Annie
The Shipping News

~Pullman, Philip
The Dark Materials
The Golden Compass
The Subtle Knife
Amber Spyglass


~Queffélec, Yann

La puissance des corps

~Quinnell, A.J.
In the Name of the Father


~Rand, Ayn
Atlas Shrugged
The Fountainhead

~Randall, Marta

~Rawn, Melanie
Dragon Prince
1. Dragon Prince
2. The Star Scroll
3. Sun Runner's Fire

Dragon Star:
1. Stronghold
2. The Dragon Token
3. Sky Bowl

Series Contributed to: Quantum Leap: 
5. Knights of the Morningstar

~Reed, Barry
The Indictment

~Rees, Leslie & Cunningham, Walter
Shadow, The Rock Walaby

~Reichs, Kathy
Deja Dead

~Reiser, Paul

~Remarque, Erich Maria
All Quiet on the Western Front

~Rendell, Ruth
Chief Inspector Wexford:
11. Put On By Cunning
15. Kissing the Gunner's Daughter
The Bridesmaid

~Reynolds, Mack
The Lagrangists

~Ricci, Nino
Lives of The Saints

~Rice, Anne
Vampire Chronicles:
2. The Vampire Lestat
3. The Queen of the Damned
4. The Tale of the Body Thief
5. -12
Mayfair Witches:
2. Lasher
Cry to Heaven

Christ the Lord: 
1. Out of Egypt

~Richler, Daniel
Kicking Tomorrow

~Richler, Mordecai
Barney's Version
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

~Rickman, Phil
Merrily Watkins:
1. The Wine of Angels 
2. Midwinter of the Spirit (paper is missing and ebook)
3. A Crown of Lights    
4. The Cure of Souls 
5. The Lamp of the Wicked 
6. The Prayer of the Night Shepherd 
7. The Smile of a Ghost 
8. Remains of an Alter 
9.  The Fabric of Sin 
10. To Dream of the Dead 
11. The Secrets of Pain     
12. The Magus of Hay
12.5 The House of Susan Lulham (ebook)
13. Friends of the Dusk
14. All of a Winter's night (ebook)

The Chalice
The Man in the Moss

~Ridley, Matt

~Roach, Mary
Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void

~Robb, Candace

Owen Archer:
The Apothecary Rose
2. The Lady Chapel
3. The Nun's Tale
4. The King's Bishop
5.  The Riddle of St. Leonard's
7. A Spy for the Redeemer
The Cross-legged Knight
9. The Guilt of Innocents

Margaret Kerr
1. A Trust Betrayed


~Robbennolt, Roger

Tales of Gletha the Goatlady

~Robbins, Harold
Descent from Xanadu
The Carpetbaggers

~Roberts, Adam

~Roberts, Siobhan
Genuis at Play: the curious mind of John Horton Conway

~Robinson, Kim Stanley
Red Mars
The Memory of Whiteness

~Robinson, Marilynne
Gilead A Retrieval Artist Novel

~Robinson, Patrick
U.S.S. Seawolf

~Robinson, Spider
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
2. Time Travellers Strictly Cash
3. Callahan's Secret
4. Callahan's Lady
5. Lady Slings the Booze 
6.  The Callahan Touch
7. Callahan's Legacy
8.Callahan's Key
9. Callahan's Con
Off the Wall at Callahan's  ( a collection of sayings, songs, poems from Callahan's)

1. Mindkiller
2. Time Pressure
3. Life House

Russell Walker:
1. Very Bad Deaths
2. Very Hard Choices

Night of Power
The Free Lunch

Melancholy Elephants
User Friendly

~Robinson, Spider & Robinson, Jeanne
~Ross, Deborah J.
The Fall of Neskaya (with Marion Zimmer Bradley)

~Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor
First Offense

~Rossner, Judith
His Little Women A Retrieval Artist Novel

~Rosten, Leo
Captain Newman, M.D.

~Rothman, Claire Holden
My October

~Rowell, George (editor)
Late Victorian Plays 1890-1914

~Rowling, J. K.
A l’école des sorciers
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

~Roy, Gabrielle
Bonnheur d'occasion

~Rufin, Jean-Christophe

~Runcie, James
Grantchester Mysteries
1.Sidney Chambers & the Shadow of Death (ebook)

~Rusch, Kristine Kathryn
Alien Influences (ebook)
The Women of Whale Rock (ebook novella)

Diving Universe:
1. Diving into the Wreck  (&ebook)
2. City of Ruins (ebook)  
2.1 Becoming One with the Ghosts  alternate version of story) (ebook)
2.5 Becalmed  (ebook)    
3. Boneyards (ebook)
4. Skirmishes
5. The Falls (ebook)
Novella:  The Application of Hope

Spade/Paladin Conundrum
1. The Case of the Vanishing Boy (ebook)
2. The Kamikov Card (ebook)
3. Pandora's Box
4. Trick or Treat (ebook)
5. The Early Conundrums (ebook)
6. The Really Big Ka-Boom (ebook)

Retrieval Artist
1. The Disappeared  (and ebook)
2. Extremes (and ebook)
3. Consequences (and ebook)
4. Buried Deep (and ebook)
5. Paloma  (and ebook)
6. Recovery Man (ebook)
7. Recovery Man's Bargain (e short story)
8. Duplicate Effort (ebook)
9.The Possession of Paavo Deshin (ebook)
10. The Impossibles (in the ficton) (Ebook)

Retrieval Artist Universe: Anniversary Day Saga
1. Anniverary Day (and ebook)
2. Blowback (ebook)
3. A Murder of Clones (ebook)
4. Search & Recovery (ebook)
5. The Peyti Crisis (ebook)
6. Vigilantes (ebook)
7. Starbase Human (ebook)
Short story A Sole Survivor (ebook) -fits into the story of Starbase Human
Inhuman Garbage (ebook) fits into Starbase Human
8. Masterminds (ebook x 2)

The Tower (ebook)

~Russ, Joanna
Picnic on Paradise

~Russo, Richard
Empire falls

~Rutherfurd, Edward
The Forest
The Princes of Ireland

~Ryder, Jonathan
The Cry of the Halidon