~Saberhagen, Fred
1. Berserker 
11. Berserker Kill 

Book of Swords
1. The First Book Of Swords

Vlad Tepes:

1. The Dracula Tapes
2.The Holmes-Dracula File (ebook)
3, An Old Friend of the Family (ebook)
4. Thorn
5. Dominion
6. A Matter of Taste 
7. A Question of Time
8. A Sharpness on the Neck
9. Vlad Tapes
10. A Coldness in the Blood

Mask of the Sun
1. The Mask of the Sun

The Veils of Azlaroc 

~Sagan, Francoise
Bonjour tristesse

~Sailor, Charles
The Second Son

~Salinger, J.D.
Franny and Zooey
The Catcher in the Rye

~Sanders, Lawrence
Capital Crimes
The Third Deadly Sin

~Sansom, C.J.
1. Dissolution (and ebook)
2. Dark Fire  (and ebook)
3, Sovereign (and ebook)
4. Revelation (and ebook)
5. Heartstone (and ebook)
6. Lamentation (and ebook)

Winter in Madrid

~Satrapi, Marjane

~Saul, John Ralston
Voltaire's Bastards: The Dicatorship of Reason in the West

~Sargent, Pamela A. (editor)
More Women of Wonder
The New Women of Wonder

~Sargent, Pamela A.
Seed Trilogy:
1. Earthseed (ebook)


1.Venus of Dreams
2. Venus of Shadows

1. Watchstar
2. Eye of the Comet (ebook)
3. Homesmind (ebook)

The Shore of Women

~Saul, John Raulston

~Saul, John

~Sawyer, Robert J.
Neanderthal Parallax
1. Hominids 
2.  Humans
3. Hybrids

The Quintaglio Ascension:
1. Far-Seer 
2. Fossile Hunter
3. Foreigner 
The Quintaglio Ascension: 

1. Wake 
2. Watch 
3. Wonder 

The Terminal Experiment
Starplex (french edition)
Illegal Alien
Calculating God
Triggers (ebook)
Quantum Night (ebook)

~Sayers, Dorothy
Peter Wimsey
1. Whose Body? (in Omnibus)
2. Clouds of Witness (double with The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
3. Unnatural Death  (triple with: Strong Poison & Have His Carcase)
4. Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club (double with Clouds of Witness)
5. Strong Poison (triple with Unnatural Death & Have His Carcase)
6.  Five Red Herrings (ebook)
7. Hangman's Holiday 
8. Murder Must Advertise (Omnibus)
9. Murder Must Advertise
10. The Nine Tailors
11. Gaudy Night   and Gaudy Night 1936 hardcover ed. and in Omnibus
Busman's Honeymoon
13. In the Teeth of the Evidence
14. Striding Folly
15. Thrones, Dominations (with Jill Paton Walsh) and e book
16.A Presumption of Death  (with Jill Paton Walsh) and e book
17. The Attenbury Emeralds (by Jillian Walsh) ebook
18. The Late Scholar (by Jillian Walsh) ebook

Lord Peter Views the Body
Lord Peter  

~Sayers, Dorothy & Walsh, Jill Paton
1. Thrones, Denominations (ebook)
2. A Presumption of Death (ebook)
3. The Attenbury Emeralds (ebook)
4. The Late Scholar (ebook)

~Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann
Last Refuge
Scortia, Thomas N. & Robinson, Frank M.
The Nightmare Factor

~Schoemplerlen, Diane
Our Lady of the Lost and Found

~Scott, Robert & Jay Gordon
The Eldarn Sequence: The Hickory Staff (1)

~Scott, Paul
The Jewel in the Crown

~Scott, Sir Walter

~Seals, David
The Powwow Highway

~Segal, Erich
Man, Woman and Child
The Class

~Seife, Charles
Zero: The biography of a Dangerous Idea

~Seinfeld, Jerry
Sein Language

~Serling, Robert J.
The President's Plane is Missing

~Service, Robert
The Shooting of Dan McGree and other poems

~Seton, Anya
Green Darkness
The Winthrop Woman

~Seymour, Gerald
Condition Black

~Shakespeare, Willliam
Antony and Cleopatra
The Sonnets of William Shakespeare

~Shankman, Sarah
Samantha Adams
1. First Kill All the Lawyers
2. Then Hang All the Liars
3. Now Let's Talk of Graves
4. She Walks in Beauty
5. The King is Dead
6. He Was Her Man
7. Digging Up Momma

~Shatner, William

~Shaw, George Bernard
Bernard Shaw's Plays
Man and Superman
Plays Unpleasant
Saint Joan

~Sheldon, Sydney
The Stars Shine Down

~Shelley, Percy
Selected Poetry and Prose of Shelley

~Shem, Samuel

~Shields, Carol
Larry's Party
The Stone Diaries

~Shinn, Sharon
1. Archangel
2. Jovah's Angel
3. The Alleluia Files
4. Angelica

5. Angel Seeker

Twelve Houses:
1. Mystic and Rider
2. The Thirteenth House
3. Dark Moon Defender
4. Reader and Raelynx
5. Fortune and Fate

Elemental Blessings:
1, Troubled Waters

The Shape-changer's Wife 
Wrapt in Crystal
Heart of Gold
Summers at Castle Auburn
Jenna Starborn



~Shreve, Anita
Light on Snow

~Shteyngart, Gary
The Russian Debutante's Handbook

~Siddons, Anne Rivers
King's Oak

~Sidney, Margaret
Five Little Pepper and How They Grew (1951 ed.)

~Sierra, Javier
The Secret Supper

~Silverberg, Robert & Greenberg, Martin H. (editors)
Great Tales of Science Fiction
The Arbor House Treasury of Great Science Fiction Short Novels
The Stochastic Man

~Silverberg, Robert (editor)
Far Horizons

~Silverberg, Robert
Across a Billion Years
Beyond the Safe Zone
Hot Sky At Midnight
New Dimensions IV
The Best of Robert Silverberg
The Face of the Waters
Tom O'Bedlam
Up the Line
World of a Thousand Colors

~Silverwood, Sarah:
Nowhere Chronicles
1: The Double-edged Sword (paper is missing; ebook)
2. The Traitor's Gate
3. The London Stone (ebook)

~Simak, Clifford D.
A Choice of Gods
The Visitors
The Werewolf Principal
Time and Again
Time is the Simplest Thing
Way Station

~Simmons, Dan
1. Ilium
2. Olumpos

~Sizemore, Chris Costner & Pittillo, Elen Sain
I'm Eve

~Sloan, Robin
Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore

~Slonczewski, Joan
A Door Into Ocean
Daughter of Elysium

~Smith, Alexander McCall
44 Scotland Street; 1

Isabel Dalhousie 
1.. The Sunday Philosophy Club 
3. The Right Attitude to Rain two copies?
4. The Careful Use of Compliments 
5. The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday 
6. The Lost Art of Gratitude
7. The Charming Quirks of Others (ebook)
8. The Forgotten Affairs of Youth (ebook)
8.5 The Perils of Morning (ebook)
9. The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds (ebook)
10. The Novel Habits of Happiness (ebook)
10.5 At the Reunion Buffet (ebook)

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
1. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
2. Tears of the Giraffe  

~Smith, E.E. "Doc"
Children of the Lens

~Smith, George O.
The Complete Venus Equilateral

~Smith, Martin Cruz

~Smith, Sarah
The Vanished Child

~Smith, Wilbur
1. When the Lion Feeds

Courtney 2:
1. The Burning Shore
2. Power of the Sword
5. A Time to Die

Courtney 3:
Birds of Prey
2. -5

1. A Falcon Flies
2. Men of Men
3. The Angels Weep
4. The Leopard Hunts in Darkness

Eagle in the Sky
Elephant Song
Gold Mine
Hungry as the Sea
The Dark of the Sun
The Sunbird
Wild Justice

~Snodgrass, Melinda
The Edge of Reason

~Soulières, Robert
Un Cadavre de classe
Un cadavre de luxe
Un cadavre sutupefiant

~Spencer-Fleming, Julia
1. In the Bleak Midwinter
2. A Fountain Filled with Blood    
3. Out of the Deep I Cry 
4. To Darkness and to Death
5.  All Mortal Flesh       
6. I Shall Not Want     
7. One was a Soldier
8. Through the Evil Days

~Spielberg, Steven
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

~Spyri, Johanna

~Sramago, Jose
All The Names

~Stasheff, Christopher
Warlock of Gramarye:
1. The Warlock in Spite of Himself
2. don't have but do have King Kobold Revived
3. The Warlock Unlocked
4. The Warlock Enraged
5. The Warlock Wandering
6. The Warlock is Missing
7. The Warlock Heretical
8. The Warlock's Companion
9. The Warlock Insane
10. The Warlock Rock
11. Warlock and Son

Odd Warlock Out:  (containing The Warlock Heretical; The Warlock's Companion; The Warlock Insane)

Rogue Wizard:
1. A Wizard in Absentia
3. A Wizard in Bedlam
4. A Wizard in War
5. A Wizard in Peace
6. A Wizard in Chaos

Wizard in Rhyme:
1. Her Majesty's Wizard
2. The Oathbound Wizard
3. The Witch Doctor
5. My Son,, the Wizard

Warlock's Heirs:
1. M'Lady Witch
2. Quicksilver's Knight
3. The Spell-bound Scholar

Starship Troopers:
1. A Company of Stars
2. We Open on Venus
3. A Slight Detour

Escape Velocity
Saint Vidicon to the Rescue

Star Stone:
2. The Sage

~de Camp, L. Sprague & Stasheff, Christopher
The Enchanter Reborn

~Starr, Mirabai (ed.)
Saint John of the Cross

~Stephenson, Neal
The Baroque Cycle:
1 Quicksilver
The Confusion 

Snow Crash
The Diamond Age  

In the Beginning was the Command Line

~Sterling, Bruce
Heavy Weather
Holy Fire

~Stevenson, Robert Louis
Treasure Island (illustrated) 1961

~Stevenson, William
A Man Called Intrepid

~Stewart, Fred Mustard
The Methuselah Enzyme

~Stewart, Ian
In Pursuit of the Unknown: 17 Equations that Changed the World

~Stewart, Mary
Merlin/Arthurian Saga
1. The Crystal Cave
2, The Hollow Hills, inTriple: The Crystal Cave,  Wildfire at Midnight, etc.
3. The Last Enchantment

The Ivy Tree

~Stirling, S.M.
Change Series
1. Dies the Fire (ebook)
2. The Protector's War (ebook)
3. A Meeting at Corvallis (ebook)
4. The Sunrise Lands (ebook)
5. The  Scourge of God (ebook)
6. The Sword of the Lady (ebook)
7. The High King of Montival (ebook)
8. The Tears of the Sun (ebook)
9. The Lord of Mountains (ebook)
10. The Given Sacrifice (ebook)
11. The Golden Princess (ebook)
12. The Desert & the Blade (ebook)
13. Prince of Outcasts (ebook)
14. The Sea Peoples (ebook)
15/ The Sky-blue Wolves (ebook)
The Change: Tales of Downfall and Rebirth (ebook)

Island in the Sea of Time
1. Island in the Sea of Time (ebook)
2. Against the Tide of Years (ebook)
3. On the Oceans of Eternity (ebook)

~Stone, Gregory

~Stone, Irving
The Agony and the Ecstasy

~Stoppard, Tom
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

~Storey, Alice (aka Shankman, Sarah)
Then Hang All The Liars

~Storm, L. Elizabeth
Quantum Leap: Pulitzer
Quantum Leap: Pulitzer

~Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Uncle Tom's Cabin

~Strindberg, August
Seven Plays by August Strindberg

~Strogatz, Steven
Sync: How Order Emerges from Chaos

~Sturgeon, Theodore
A Way Home

~Sundaresan, Indu
The Twentieth Wife

~Suyin, Han
The Enchantress

~Swirsky & Sean Wallace, Editors
People of the Book

~Swift, Graham

~Sylvain, Dominique
La Fille du samourai


~Taleb, Nassim Nicholas
The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable

~Talley, Marcia editor
 Naked Came the Phoenix (serial novel  with authors including: Faye Kellerman, Anne Perry, Diana Gabaldon and Laurie R. King)

Tanenbaum, Robert K.
Falsely Accused
Irresistable Impulse
Reckless Endangerment

~Tannahill, Reay
The Still and Stormy Waters

~Tarr, Judith
The Hound and the Falcon

~Teasdale, Sara
Those Who Love

~Tefs, Wayne
Moon Lake

~Tey, Josephine
A Shilling for Candles
Brat Farrar
Miss Pym Disposes
The Daughter of Time
The Franchise Affair
The Man in the Queue
The Singing Sands
To Love and Be Wise

~Templeton, Charles
Act of God
The Kidnapping of the President
The Third Temptation

~Tenn, William
The Seven Sexes

~Tepper, Sheri S. 
Land of the True Game:
1. The Chronicles of Mavin Manyshaped (containing: The Song, the Flight and the Search of Mavin Manyshaped)
2. The True Game (omnibus including Kings' Blood Four; Necromancer Nine; Wizard's Eleven)
3. Jinian: in 3 books: Jinian Foot Seer, Dervish Daughter, Star Eye

Arbai Trilogy
Grass  (print and ebook)
Raising the Stones

A Plague of Angels
A Plague of Angels (hard and ebook)
The Waters Rising (ebook)
Fish Tails (ebook)

After Long Silence
Gibbon's Decline and Fall
Shadow's End
Singer From the Sea
Six Moon Dance
The Companions
The Family Tree
The Fresco
The Gate to Women's Country
The Margarets
The Visitor

~Thackeray, William
Vanity Fair

~Theroux, Paul
My Secret History
The Mosquito Coast

~Thompson, Hunter S.
The Great Shark Hunt

~Thomson, Rupert
The Insult

~Tilley, Patrick
The Amtrak Wars:
1.Cloud Warrior
2. First Family
3. Iron Master
4.  Blood River
5. Death Bringer
6. Earth-Thunder


~Tiptree, James Jr.

Brightness Falls From the Air
The Starry Rift
Up the Walls of the World

~Tolkien, J.R.R.
Lord of the Rings:
1. The Fellowship of the Ring
2. The Two Towers
3. The Return of the King

The Hobbit
The Silmarillion

~Toews, Miriam
A Complicated Kindness

~Toole, John Kennedy
A Confederacy of Dunces

~Toscano, Alberto
Critique Amoureuse des français

~Trail, Catherine Parr
The Backwoods of Canada: Letters from the wife of an emigrant officer

Incident at Twenty-Mile
The Loo Sanction

~Tritten, Charles
Heidi Grows Up
Heidi's Children

~Truman, Margaret
Margaret Truman's Capital Crimes:
1. Murder in the White House
2. Murder on Capitol Hill
5. Murder on Embassy Row
6.Murder at the FBI
7. Murder in Georgetown
8. Murder in the CIA
9. Murder at the Kennedy Center
10. Murder at the National Cathedral
12. Murder on the Potomac
14. Murder in the House
16. Murder at the Library of Congress
17. Murder in Foggy Bottom
18. Murder in Havana
~ Tuchman, Barbara W.
A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Centure

~Turnbull, Agnes Sligh
The Bishop's Mantle

~Turnbull, Sarah
Almost French

~Turok, Neil
The Universe Within: From Quantum to Cosmos

~Turow, Scott
Kindle County:
1. Presumed Innocent  (ebook)
3. Pleading Guilty 
4. The Laws of Our Fathers 
5. Personal Injuries
7. Limitations

  ~Twain, Mark
A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court
Selected Shorter Writings of Mark Twain

~Tyler, Anne
The Accidental Tourist

~Updike, John
Rabbit at Rest


~Unknown Author
Down these strange streets (e book)

~Upson, Nicola
An Expert in Murder

Uris, Leon
Mila 18
The Angry Hills

~Urquart, Jane
The Underpainter


~van Herk, Aritha
The Tent Peg

~van Rjndt, Philippe
Come Follow Me
The Tetramachus Collection
The Trial of Adolph Hitler

~Van Scyoc, Sydney, J.
Sunstone Scrolls:
1. Darkchild
2. Bluesong
3. Starsilk
Daughters of the Sunstone (hardcover anthology of Darkchild, Bluesong, Starsilk)

Deepwater Dreams
Feather Stroke

~van Vogt, A.E. & Hull, E. Mayne
Planets for Sale

~van Vogt, A.E.
Rogue Ship

~Vanderhaeghe, Guy
THe Last Crossing

~Varley, John
The Persistence of Vision

~Vaughn, Carrie
Kitty Norville:
1. Kitty and the Midnight Hour
2. Kitty Goes to Washington
3. Kitty Takes a Holida
4. Kitty and the Silver Bullet 

~Vincelette, Melanie

~Vinge, Joan D.
Heaven Chronicles:
1. The Snow Queen
2. World's End
3. The Summer Queen
Tangled Up in Blue

1. Psion
2. Catspaw
3. Dreamfall

Heaven Chronicles
Heaven Chronicles  Omnibus

Eyes of Amber
 Phoenix in the Ashes

~Vinge, Vernor
Across Real Time
1. The Peace War
2. Marooned in Realtime

Queng Ho:
1.  Deepness in the Sky
2.A Fire Upon the Deep

Tatja Grimm's World
Rainbows End: A Novel with One Foot in the Future

Threats...and Other Promises
True Names...and Other Dangers


~Vonnegut, Kurt
Hocus Pocus